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The CEDS Coordinator role plans, coordinates, trains and manages CEDS activities in an organization. They provide to data stewards, data owners, and other subject matter experts guidance in using CEDS to create and validate maps (Align), and create Connections (Connect) related to state and federal reporting. The CEDS Coordinator role promotes Data Governance by ensuring the organization’s data dictionaries are up to date, accurate, and aligned with the CEDS standard.

Responsibilities of a CEDS Coordinator include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Liaison between their organization and CEDS
  • Provide training to others on the use of CEDS
  • Support mapping and alignment activities
  • Support the activities around building Connections
  • Review and respond to proposed updates to the CEDS website and standard
The Mapping TOOLKIT

All of the above are relevant for data sharing with other states or organizations, staying compliant with federal reporting requirements, and sustaining data integration efforts.

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