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CEDS Resources for Data Governance
A quality data governance program ensures the availability, reliability, integrity, and security of data in any
organization. CEDS provides resources to help with certain data governance functions, such as data inventory
(Align), data standards (DES), and cataloging data use (Connect).

Getting Started

How can CEDS help establish and maintain an inventory of data sources and data elements?

The CEDS tool, Align, allows you to build or upload a data dictionary (see the Mapping Toolkit) and supports data management efforts, such as identifying data sources and data elements. Align stores information about the elements including:
  • Location in the Data Source (System, Database, Table, etc.)
  • Element Name and Identifier
  • Definition
  • Option Set and Option Set Definitions
  • Element Length
  • Element Data Type

Versioning of the data elements is also supported by copying an Align map, including the alignment to CEDS, and updating or adding elements for the new version. The versions can then be compared using map-based reports.

How can CEDS help establish standards for naming and defining data elements and option sets?

Establishing standards for naming and defining data makes it easier to locate data, and increases the quality of the data by facilitating a clearer understanding of what a particular data element represents. CEDS has a vast education vocabulary containing elements and option sets from Early Childhood, K12, Postsecondary, Adult Education, and Workforce that can help you move towards standardization. The elements, option sets and definitions are derived from widely recognized standards that have been in place for many years and are made available for you to adopt.

You can also view the definitions and option sets used by your peers by viewing their maps. You can select the elements that interest you to find others who also collect that data by running an element-based report, and/or you can find the Align maps you are interested in by running a map-based report.

How can CEDS help with cataloging data?

CEDS Connect can help create transparency in how the data being collected are used by cataloging them within a Connection. For example, creating a Connection around a required Federal report lets you specify what data elements are needed for the report, and provides a detailed explanation of how those elements are used (aggregated/analyzed) to produce the results.

Additional Resources.

Below are additional CEDS resources that may help you.
  • The Mapping Toolkit provides resources to help with mapping your data source to CEDS.
  • The SLDS Data Governance Community of Practice website provides additional resources for establishing Data Governance.
  • Using CEDS: Data Governance provides steps for how CEDS can be used to help with data governance.

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