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Competency Definition Prerequisite Identifier

Alternate Name

Learning Standard Item Prerequisite Identifier, Competency Item Prerequisite Identifier


The unique identifier of an immediate prerequisite Competency Definition, a competency needed prior to learning this one. (Some items may have no prerequisites while others may have one or more prerequisites. This should only be used to represent the immediate predecessors in a competency-based pathway, i.e. not prerequisites of prerequisites.)


Alphanumeric - 40 characters maximum

Usage Notes

The recommended approach is to use the entity Learning Standard Item Association instead of this data element. Learning Standard Item Association also supports associating other entities, such as Learning Resources, to learning standard items. CEDS "Identifier" elements reflect the intent of the XSD:Token format, i.e. a string in which carriage return, line feed, and tab characters have been removed as well as any internal sequences of two or more spaces and any leading or trailing spaces. An Identifier MAY be a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) / Globally Unique Identifier (GUID), i.e.128-bit unique identifiers generated according to the algorithms and encoding standards of RFC 4122.

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