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Demographic Race Two or More Races


A person having origins in any of more than one of the racial groups.

Usage Notes

To support backward compatibility for systems that cannot derive this, i.e. systems that use a single race/ethnicity element rather than separate flags that can indicate one or more ethnicities.

Option Set
Related Domains, Entities and Categories

Adult Education -> AE Student -> Demographic New Association
Career and Technical -> CTE Student -> Demographic New Association
Early Learning -> EL Child -> Demographic 
Early Learning -> EL Staff -> Demographic New Association
K12 -> K12 Staff -> Demographic New Association
K12 -> K12 Student -> Demographic 
Postsecondary -> PS Staff -> Demographic New Association
Postsecondary -> PS Student -> Demographic New Association
Workforce -> Workforce Program Participant -> Demographic New Association

Related Topics

Early Learning -> Program Quality 

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