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Virtual Indicator Updated Element


An indication that a childcare, early education, or early learning program, school, institution, program, or course section focuses primarily on instruction in which children and teachers are separated by time and/or location and interact through the use of computers and/or telecommunications technology.

Option Set
Related Domains, Entities and Categories

Adult Education -> Course Section (Data Model ID = 62666) 
Career and Technical -> Course Section (Data Model ID = 60815) 
Early Learning -> Early Learning Organization -> Directory (Data Model ID = 63789) New Association
K12 -> Course Section (Data Model ID = 59576) 
K12 -> K12 School -> Directory (Data Model ID = 59575) 
Postsecondary -> PS Institution -> Directory (Data Model ID = 59577) 

Related Topics

Early Learning -> Program Quality 

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Added elements to DES contexts to support Early Learning needs. Changed definition of element to support other domains.

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