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Credential Definition Agent Role Type


The role that an organization or person has in relation to this Credential Definition based on terms defined by Credential Engine.

Usage Notes

Option codes and definitions are from the Credential Engine and the ceterms namespace, except the codes use Pascal case in CEDS to follow CEDS conventions and use camel case in the original ceterms.

Option Set
Accredited ByQuality assurance organization that provides official authorization to, or approval of, a credential, organization, assessment, or learning opportunity.accreditedBy
Approved ByOrganization that pronounces favorable judgment for this credential, assessment, learning opportunity, or organization.approvedBy
Offered ByAgent that offers the resource.offeredBy
Owned ByOrganization or person with an enforceable claim or legal title to the Credential Definition resource.ownedBy
Recognized ByAgent that acknowledges the validity of the credential, learning opportunity, or assessment.recognizedBy
Regulated ByQuality assurance organization that enforces the legal requirements of the credential, learning resource, or assessment.regulatedBy
Renewed ByOrganization or person that handles the renewal of the credential.renewedBy
Revoked ByOrganization or person that handles revocation of an awarded credential due to violations or failure to renew.revokedBy
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