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English Learner Exit Date Updated Element

Alternate Name

LEP Exit Date


The year, month and day a student classified as an English Learner exited the English Learner program.



Usage Notes

All CEDS Exit and End Dates represent the last day of the date range specified, such as the last day that a person was enrolled, participated, or received services.

Related Domains, Entities and Categories

K12 -> K12 Student -> English Learner 

Related Topics

Early Learning -> Program Quality 

CEDS Element ID


Element Technical Name



Corrected the technical name for "English Learner Exit Date" and "English Learner Entry Date" because they were flipped, e.g., English Learner Exit Date had "EnglishLearnerEntryDate" listed as the technical name. Adding usage note to clarify that exit dates are inclusive, i.e. the dates represent the last day that the person was enrolled, participated, or received services, not the day after.

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