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Attendance Status


The status of a person's attendance associated with an Attendance Event Type and Attendance Event Date in an organization-person-role context.

Option Set
PresentPresent is specified as the status of a person's attendance associated with an Attendance Event Type, Calendar Event Date, in an organization-person-role context.Present
Excused AbsenceNot present but is temporarily excused from attendance because the person is: 1) is ill and attendance would endanger his or her health or the health of others; 2) has an immediate family member who is seriously ill or has died; 3) is observing a recognized religious holiday of his or her faith; or 4) is otherwise excused in accordance with policies.ExcusedAbsence
Unexcused AbsenceNot present without acceptable cause or authorization.UnexcusedAbsence
TardyIs absent at the time a given schedule when attendance begins but is present before the close of that time period.Tardy
Early DepartureLeaves before the official close of the daily session. Reasons may include a special activity for curricular enrichment, doctor's appointment, and family emergency. State, local, and school regulations may distinguish excused and unexcused early departures. When officially approved on a regular basis, early departures immediately prior to the close of the session are considered to be released time.EarlyDeparture
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