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Financial Aid Award Type


The classification of financial aid awarded to a person for the academic term/year.

Usage Notes

Linked to financial aid type.
Note: For any given individual this cluster of fields may be repeated multiple times.

Option Set
Pell grantsPell grantsPellGrants
Other federal grantsOther federal grantsOtherFederalGrants
State and local grantsState and local grantsStateAndLocalGrants
Institutional grantsInstitutional grantsInstitutionalGrants
Private grantsPrivate grantsPrivateGrants
Other grantsOther grantsOtherGrants
Federal scholarshipsFederal scholarshipsFederalScholarships
State and local scholarshipsState and local scholarshipsStateAndLocalScholarships
Institutional scholarshipsInstitutional scholarshipsInstitutionalScholarships
Private scholarshipsPrivate scholarshipsPrivateScholarships
Other scholarshipsOther scholarshipsOtherScholarships
Federal subsidized loansFederal subsidized loansFederalSubsidizedLoans
Federal unsubsidized loansFederal unsubsidized loansFederalUnsubsidizedLoans
Private loansPrivate loansPrivateLoans
State loansState loansStateLoans
Institutional loansInstitutional loansInstitutionalLoans
Parent PLUS loansParent PLUS loansParentPLUSLoans
Other loansOther loansOtherLoans
State workState workStateWork
Federal work studyFederal work studyFederalWorkStudy
Other on-campus workOther on-campus workOtherOnCampusWork
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Postsecondary -> PS Student -> Financial Aid (Data Model ID = 64749) 

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Early Learning -> Program Quality 

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