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Type of level indicating a point in a progression through an educational or training context, for which the credential is intended; select from an existing enumeration of such types.

Usage Notes

This is similar to "PESC Award Level Type" and "Academic Award Level Conferred" but uses a different controlled vocabulary. See

Option Set
Apprenticeship CertificateCredential earned through work-based learning and earn-and-learn models that meet standards and are applicable to industry trades and professions.ApprenticeshipCertificate
Associate DegreeCollege/university award for students typically completing the first one to two years of post secondary school education.AssociateDegree
Bachelor DegreeCollege/university award for students typically completing three to five years of education where course work and activities advance skills beyond those of the first one to two years of college/university study.BachelorDegree
BadgeRecognition designed to be displayed as a marker of accomplishment, activity, achievement, skill, interest, association, or identity.Badge
CertificateCredential that designates requisite knowledge and skills of an occupation, profession, or academic program.Certificate
CertificationTime-limited, revocable, renewable credential awarded by an authoritative body for demonstrating the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform specific tasks or an occupation.Certification
Condition ProfileEntity describing a constraint, prerequisite, entry condition, or requirement.ConditionProfile
CredentialQualification, achievement, personal or organizational quality, or aspect of an identity typically used to indicate suitability. The ceterms:Credential class is broadly defined to encompass credentials used across domains and communities of practice. The class should be used only when speaking of credentials in general. Subclasses of ceterms:Credential as defined by Credential Engine (or other communities) should be used when referencing specific types of credentials.Credential
DegreeAcademic credential conferred upon completion of a program or course of study, typically over multiple years at a college or university.Degree
Digital BadgeBadge offered in digital form.DigitalBadge
DiplomaCredential awarded by educational institutions for successful completion of a course of study or its equivalent.Diploma
Doctoral DegreeHighest credential award for students who have completed both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree or their equivalent as well as independent research and/or a significant project or paper.DoctoralDegree
General Education DevelopmentCredential awarded by examination that demonstrates that an individual has acquired secondary school-level academic skills.GeneralEducationDevelopment
Journeyman CertificateCredential awarded to skilled workers on successful completion of an apprenticeship in industry trades and professions.JourneymanCertificate
LicenseCredential awarded by a government agency that constitutes legal authority to do a specific job and/or utilize a specific item, system or infrastructure and are typically earned through some combination of degree or certificate attainment, certifications, assessments, work experience, and/or fees, and are time-limited and must be renewed periodically.License
Master CertificateCredential awarded upon demonstration through apprenticeship of the highest level of skills and performance in industry trades and professions.MasterCertificate
Master DegreeCredential awarded for a graduate level course of study where course work and activities advance skills beyond those of the bachelor's degree or its equivalent.MasterDegree
Micro CredentialCredential that addresses a subset of field-specific knowledge, skills, or competencies; often developmental with relationships to other micro-credentials and field credentials.MicroCredential
Open BadgeVisual symbol containing verifiable claims in accordance with the Open Badges specification and delivered digitally.OpenBadge
Professional DoctorateDoctoral degree conferred upon completion of a program providing the knowledge and skills for the recognition, credential, or license required for professional practice.ProfessionalDoctorate
Quality Assurance CredentialCredential assuring that an organization, program, or awarded credential meets prescribed requirements and may include development and administration of qualifying examinations.QualityAssuranceCredential
Research DoctorateDoctoral degree conferred for advanced work beyond the master level, including the preparation and defense of a thesis or dissertation based on original research, or the planning and execution of an original project demonstrating substantial artistic or scholarly achievement.ResearchDoctorate
Secondary School DiplomaDiploma awarded by secondary education institutions for successful completion of a secondary school program of study.SecondarySchoolDiploma
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